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I Get this Question Often re: Queen Prophetess Octavia Butler

I get this question often. It usually goes something like this?

Q: tamia, I want to place an order from Frugal's today and was thinking about starting to read Octavia Butler's work. Do you have a suggestion for which title(s) I should start with?

A: I get this question soooo often. I love it. Start with Parable of the Sower. Then read the first book in Lilith's Brood which is the Xenogenesis series. Dawn is the first but they now sell the series as an anthology of all 3 books. Then read Parable if the Talents. You need to be prepped for the apocalypse but it's hard to go straight from Sower to Talents. They are HEAVY! From there I would do a Patternmaster book. Then just hop around.

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