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Back in MA healing message update September 2016

Hello Everyone -

My apologies to folks who've contacted me in the past few days. I am back in MA (more on this shortly) and the last few days have been filled with doc visits and otherwise getting my world back in some order after being unexpectedly away so long. It's been exhausting so when I've not been busy with that, I've been sleeping.

I was discharged from the hospital in NJ this past Tuesday. I was released with a tube still in my chest and only to the care of a thoracic surgeon here in Boston. It took some negotiating to get that done, but I really wanted to return home. The stress of being away for so long was weighing on me. Then on Wednesday Amelia Koch (a gift from God) drove to NJ, picked me up, then brought me back to Boston. Then on Thursday I went to a thoracic surgeon here at the Brigham and, after a 5 hour long appointment, my chest tube was finally removed.

Now 48 hours has passed since the tube was removed and my oxygen levels remain high. That means that I can finally say that my lung is sealed and healed! My last medical step is to get stitches removed on Thursday. While I'm doing a lot better, my healing now requires rest and rebuilding my stamina. So I'm not yet cleared by my docs to jump back into things including work.

This actually means that I'm not returning to Berklee at all. My last scheduled day at Berklee is Monday, 10/3/16; I begin my new job as director of intercultural student affairs at Emerson College on Tuesday, 10/11/16. So sadly I will only be back at Berklee to clear out my office. While I certainly did not expect my Berklee journey to end this way, I'm leaving with lots of wonderful memories and a knowing that "my good days outweigh[ed] my bad days." That gives me great comfort and joy.

I'll send one more update after my doc visit this Thursday. But I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your love, support, prayers, healing energy, calls, texts, emails, affirmations, supplies, gifts, hospital visits, rides, and on and on… I'm not gonna lie, this experience sucked. However it confirmed what I've always known to be absolutely true, I have the best best best friends in the world. I always have and I always will. I love you all tremendously and could not have remained in hopeful and in high spirits in a hospital for 16 days without you. 



PS My family was pretty damn tremendous through all of this too.


Arriving home in Quincy w/ Amelia was an emotional experience. My tears flowed for many reasons including my deep gratitude to Amelia for driving to NJ, picking me up, and driving me back; for finally arriving to my home after 16 days in the hospital; and really the weight of the entire experience much of which I compartmentalized to get through.

Another Berklee angel, Brenda Bailey, insisted on spending the entire day with me in the hospital on Thursday so she was there to witness my first moments in almost 3 weeks without a chest tube. She took this little video of me right after. Suffice to say, I was beyond elated. 

PPPS The Remind app gave me a character and picture limit and I didn't want to send back to back to back messages to your phones/emails. So there were a few pix that I never shared. 

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