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Fill in the Blank: A Poem

Updated: Nov 1

Dear mama:

You gave me life

I will forever be your baby, your big boy, your little man, your young man, your son

You felt my first kick

You heard my first cry

You witnessed my first breath

Dear government:

You tried to teach me to fear myself

The clock started counting down on my first day

I was your public enemy #1 on my first day

You declared the mistakes I made growing up a death sentence

You heard my last cry

You stole my last breath

Dear resistors:

As my heart beat that last time

As I exhaled my last breath and you inhaled your next

As I exhaled my…last…breath my life force was transferred to you

Use this gift wisely

Let my name be your battle cry

My Black life mattered, make my [Black??] death matter

Untitled poem for [fill in the blank]

by tamia rashima jordan


About Me

tamia rashima jordan, M.Ed., channels her energy into projects that heal the BIPOC (Black & Indigenous & People of Color) community including serving on the Community Council of the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, supporting individuals who are or have been incarcerated, and serving on the production team of the Boston Art & Music Soul Festival (BAMS Fest).

Originally from Hackensack, NJ, tamia received her BA in Government (American Politics) and African American Studies from the University of Virginia and her M.Ed. in Higher Education Student Affairs Administration from the University of Vermont. 

Also important to note, tamia cannot live without the ocean, all the folx who call her auntie, traveling to countries below the equator, kitty cats, and music.


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