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Girl Meets World

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Jan 9, 2012

You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it’s beautiful. ~Topanga reading her yearbook quote to Cory

It’s been about two months since my last post and that is just unacceptable. I can’t say for sure what happened to me in that time; but I know I fell into a funk and lacked anything to say. Holiday blues I suppose?!

Well the holidays are over (AMEN) and in a post holiday recovery celebration I spent much of this past weekend watching season 4 of Boy Meets World.

You’re Shawn Hunter. You were raised by wolves, you’re my best friend. ~Cory in response to Shawn questioning who he is and can be in this world

Five things my reader does not know about me ;):

  1. For 10 years I was a Boy Meets World fanatic

  2. In college I would not go out on Friday nights until Boy Meets World was over

  3. When DVD releases of television shows began, I lobbied and petitioned for years to have Boy Meets World released on DVD

  4. When the announcement finally came that the show was to be released I was so incredibly happy. BMW seasons 1 - 3 were released right on time at a fairly consistent pace. I purchased them all immediately to, what I thought would, ensure that trend continued.

  5. When the release of seasons 4 - 7 were delayed due to poor sales, I was horrified because one of my most favorite episodes is “A Long Walk to Pittsburgh part two” in season 4.

I wish I could pinpoint just why that show meant (apparently still means) so much to me. A few possible reasons include the following:

  • It taught me the power of friendship and the ‘family we choose’

  • It taught me that “love is faith”

  • It taught me to value myself

  • It provided another example of the impacts of socioeconomic status with the lesson that, while they are tough, they are not impossible to overcome

  • In a weird way it gave me benchmarks to reach for

  • Mr. Feeny was the voice of, Kit, Michael Knight’s sentient automobile

  • It’s just a great show

But who the hell knows?!

Don’t get me wrong, as I watch BMW as an adult, I do find issues (see The Inuit* below). It is certainly not a perfect show. Nevertheless, I still find myself laughing, learning, and loving and for that I am thankful.

From season 5 episode 13: The Inuit*

*Note about why I changed the name of this episode and any reference to the word I replaced: Although the name "Eskimo" was commonly used in Alaska to refer to Inuit and Yupik people of the world, this usage is now considered unacceptable by many or even most Alaska Natives, largely since it is a colonial name imposed by non-Indigenous people.


Shawn: There's always going to be an Inuit* standing in my way; this is impossible.

Corey: Feeny knew that.


Shawn: Whenever I've wanted anything in my life there has always been an Inuit* standing in my way... ....remember when you went to summer camp and I couldn't afford to? 

Corey: Uh huh.

Shawn: That was an Inuit*. All the other kids grew up in real houses with real back yards. I grew up in a trailer park. 

Corey: Inuit*

Shawn: There's just so many things standing in my way. ...well I'm going to the Super Bowl. 

Corey: Shawn you have no tickets.

Shawn: I don't care. 

Corey: You have no way of getting there.

Shawn: It doesn't matter. Cory people like me, we don't go anywhere because we don't believe we can get there. I'm my own worst Inuit*

Corey: ...listen to me, you don't have to go anywhere.

Shawn: Yes I do. Because if I don't I'll never go anywhere. Now be my best friend and get out of my way. ... ...  ... 

Shawn: [holding up a sign at the super bowl] Hey Feeny nothing is impossible!

From season 5 episode 20: Starry Night

Topanga: God is protecting the people in this little town! They live their lives and they come out of their houses, and they see this sky and they know God's protection and love. And that everything will be all right.

Top of the World by Rider Strong (written by Shawn during season 6, episode 9: Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield)

You don’t know it, but

Sometimes, I go to a hill that overlooks

the landscape’s mask of city lights

For a sip of momentary grace.

On this brink of everything I know, I can gain

An eyeful of the lost Atlantis in the human soul,

And a breath that fills my lungs with the air between two stars

If you were now to capture the image of this elation

In the framework of your mind,

Or find transcendence through these words,

Then at most you would know nothing

Of the beauty your existence throws to me.

For mine is a love no experience,

No measure, no words

Could ever degrade into reality by virtue of degree.

From season 7 episode 23: Brave New World

Mr. George Feeny: Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good. Topanga: Don’t you mean “do well”? Mr. George Feeny: No, I mean “do good”. Mr. George Feeny: I love you all. [pauses] Mr. George Feeny: Class dismissed.

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